RPS programs include:

Skating programs for both Girls and Boys ages 5-14.

The Level 1 program -Welcomes beginner skaters not requiring individual help. (IP and Novice age)

                                              -Hockey players and non-hockey players who would like to improve their skating skills.

                                              -Level 1 is designed with 5 skill levels that group players based on skill levels and challenges skaters to complete drills correctly.


The Level 2 program-Is a program designed for more advanced skaters.

                                             -The level 2 program will focus on expanding & perfecting our Level 1 skating skills.

                                             -Our instructors will  challenge skaters with advanced forward and  backward skating drills to enhance skaters abilities

                                             -Strong backwards skating and endurance is recommended.


The program is designed to group your skater with others in their skill level.

Please note:

Some beginner ATOM players may also fit into the Level 1 groups as well.

Skaters under the age of 9 are asked to join our Level 1 sessions for safety reasons.